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Welcome to our August Trading Challenge of 2023!

In this month we will try to increase our portfolio by 15% while trading with AI - and you'll be able to watch it all.

Ever wished you had superpowers to predict market trends? With Market Mentor AI, you'll feel like you have been given the ultimate trading advantage.


Our AI doesn't just crunch numbers—it transforms vast amounts of data into actionable insight, helping you make informed decisions like a pro.


By trading just one hour a day (that's less time than it takes to watch your favorite TV show!) you can truly increase your portfolio.


Think of Market Mentor AI as your personal trading buddy, always available, always ready to lend you the insights you need, even at the most unpredictable times. No more late-night research or stressful decisions. With Market Mentor AI by your side, you'll navigate the markets with the confidence of a seasoned trader.

Join us in the August Trading Challenge. Elevate your trading experience, maximize your profits, and experience the power of trading with a reliable, intelligent, and resourceful companion.


Remember, with Market Mentor AI, you're not just trading — you're changing the game.

Trading Day
Start Capital
End Capital
Gain (%)
DAY 2 - 8/2/23
DAY 1 - 8/1/23
August Challenge (2).jpg
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