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Harness the power of AI
for confident trading.


Analyse the markets like an expert backed by an AI that can help you predict future market movements.


Market Mentor AI combines years of trading experience, in house development of analytical tools, as well as expertise in LLM AI systems to create your personal trading assistant, analysing trends and signals, and offering opinion on trading strategies.

Day trader for 10 years

" With Madi giving me her opinion, I have doubled my portfolio growth in the last 4 weeks."

Jindřich –
Day trader for 6 years

"Holy sh**, I am speechless! 
I can't believe what Madi can do. It's like talking to an experienced trading colleague."

Forex day trader

"I'm saving around 10-15 minutes per trade, just from analysing the trends. This means more trades, creating more profit."

Predicts trends with over 80% success rate

Artificial intelligence is changing the world, and trading is no different. The immediate movement of Stocks, commodities and Forex trading can often be predicted with accuracy, and Market Mentor AI uses state-of the art technology to teach you to make better trading decisions and to trade with confidence.

Meet Madi, your AI trading assistant

With a unique combination of cutting-edge AI large language models, up to the minute data from the markets and expert trading analysis, Madi from Market Mentor AI will be your very own virtual trading guide available 24/7.

Voice recognition means you can speak to Madi like a real human, making it easier for you to learn trading skills through conversation.


Speed up your technical Analysis

Firstly, Market Mentor gives you Madi's chat interface, where you can either type or speak your queries to get her opinion on market analysis. On top of this, you'll find a full suite of analytics tools to mark your analysis and note trends. All of this means that you will save a lot of time on your technical analysis.


Short term, long term, and signals

Short term analysis

AI assistance analysing trends over 5 minutes, perfect for day traders taking advantage of small market movements.

Long term analysis

Asset analysis and AI opinion over a longer time frame for a general idea of market trends.

Signals mode

Currently in experimental development, Madi can offer her opinion on signals for future trades.

  • What can Madi/Market Mentor AI help me with?
    Madi can teach you how to analyse current trends and can offer her opinion of how assets may perform in future based on historical data and current events. She can also help you hone your skills with terminology, and managing risk.
  • Can Madi/Market Mentor AI trade for me?
    No, you will need a separate platform to trade, you can ask Madi to explain the process for you.
  • Does Madi offer financial or investment advice?
    No. Madi can analyse the provided data and information and draw her conclusion for potential future development. Such content is meant to be used for educational purposes or as part of the overall analysis performed by the user and should not be understood as financial or investment advice.
  • This sounds great! How can I get started?
    MarketMentor is now available for public access, with certain features (such as signals) under experimental development. To get access to Madi, start your account below!
  • How can I get my favorite asset?
    At the moment MADI can analyze 95 assets spread between Forex, commodities, crypto, indexes and stocks. Our premium users can suggest new assets to be added at a dedicated Discord channel. Our community can vote for assets and the most popular ones will get added.

Choose your subscription

  • Basic

    Every month
     3 day free trial
    • 30 queries per day
    • Real time data analysis
    • Limited Assets
    • Limited Signals (experimental ⚠️)
  • Premium

    Every month
     3 day free trial
    • Unlimited queries
    • Real time data analysis
    • 95 Assets available
    • Access to Market Mentor live-streams
    • Early access to new features
    • Full Signals Mode (experimental ⚠️)
    • Pro-active AI so you don't miss a trade
  • Premium Yearly - 2 months free!

    Every year
     3 day free trial
    • All included as in Premium monthly
    • You save 2 months off with this plan!

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